Prostex® Prostate Supplement: The Proven Nutritional Formula for Prostate Health

For most men over 40, concerns about prostate health and normal urinary function are a part of life. Many common prostate conditions cause urinary problems that can directly impact an active lifestyle.

PROSTEX® is a standardized nutritional formula of amino acids (Glycine, Alanine and Glutamic Acid) that has been proven in independent clinical studies to promote prostate health and normal urinary function*. PROSTEX® Prostate Health Formula has been sold for decades and has helped tens of thousands of men to maintain healthy, normal urine flow and prostate function*.

PROSTEX® prostate supplement is manufactured in the USA, according to strict quality control and standardization practices, by FDA registered Lyne Laboratories, Inc.

For more information, consult our frequently asked questions. For information about prostate health and amino acid therapy, consult our links section.


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